UKBTS Ltd is a Wholesale and Retail provider within the UKBSS Limited Group of Hosted Telephony and Data Connectivity to customers around the UK and the World. 

We’re a tech-smart Company that’s dedicated to providing the best possible service, at the best possible price. We give our Customers and Partners the power to create and configure advanced telephony solutions themselves. 

We’ve accomplished this by creating Customer and Partner portals that are intuitive, easy to use, and configured in real time.

The UKBTS Ltd Story:

UKBTS Ltd began in 2014 by developing an intuitive and cost-saving VoIP service for businesses in the UK. The main focus of the VoIP platform would be that it was ‘self service’, where customers could quickly and easily build their own Hosted PBX with a minimum of external support. Since that time, our range of products and services has grown substantially through investment and technological advances by our development team, while keeping true to our initial focus.

Our retail Hosted PBX provides all the functionality of a Traditional PBX, without any substantial upfront cost . Subscription is done on a rolling monthly basis, and we maintain a churn rate of less than 1% annually.

Our wholesale Hosted PBX uses the same technology as the retail Hosted PBX, but is accessed through a seperate white-labelled portal, and is configured through a different ‘skin’ or interface. Since its creation in late 2011 by VoiceHost, it now serves over 1000 resellers in the UK.

Data Circuits: Alongside the implementation of our Broadband Network, we expanded our range of products and services to include EFM, FTTC GEA, Leased Lines and MPLS.

We are committed to continually expanding our range with complementary products that enhance the user experience.