A Smarter Network makes Happier Customers

UKBTS Ltd prides itself on its company ethos and the strong office culture that we have developed. Each member of our team has an advanced understanding of our products and services, and in addition, we have a strong focus on the continual development of education and training. Our 24/7 Support Service is staffed only by experts, and our excellent customer service is one of our key differentiators from the industry.

Our focus is on building a strong and complementary core product range and providing the best end-to-end service for the thousands of customers that use us. Over the last seven years, our Hosted offering has evolved and matured. Right now, our Development team is working on fantastic additions to our Portal, designed to make your life as a Channel partner easier, while increasing the Portfolio of features you can offer your customers.

​By using the UKBTS Ltd platform, you're investing in a sound foundation for the future. You won't get hardware that's outdated in 6 months, software licenses that need constant upgrading, or constant price increases. Instead, you get excellent customer service, a platform that grows and evolves with your business, and affordable pricing.

We're dedicated to providing the Best Possible Service, at the Best Possible Price. Get in touch to learn how you can take advantage.

"By using the UKBTS Ltd platform, you're investing in a sound foundation for the future."

World Class Connectivity: UKBTS Ltd operates with World-Class carrier-neutral data centre partners Equinix and Telehouse along with direct private fibre only connections and membership into LINX and LONAP, the largest IXPs in the UK and around one the largest IXPs in the world, means we’re operating inside a network of interconnected switches at major data centres in the UK. This provides UKBTS Ltd with a professionally run, uncongested peering and transit fabric and low latency routes from all major global networks.